I am a creative thinker & choreographer with a passion for dance.

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Mary Price Boday, Associate Professor, is the founder and past Artistic Director of The Illinois Ballet. She has danced professionally worldwide and has over 30 years experience instructing both professionals and students alike.

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"A Dancer's Journey - It All Began with a Lie" is Mary's recently published biography on modern dance legend Mary Anthony. It covers Mary Anthony's childhood, as well as the joys and hardships she experienced in the course of achieving her dreams. Buy your copy autographed by the author here.

 I love Mary Price Boday's classes. Whether I do well or not, I always leave feeling inspired, like I can do anything!  - Rosie Blosser

 We were lucky to have you as a teacher! Look how many lives you touched.  - Catherine Ulissey

 As a student of Mary Price Boday, I can say that I've grown stronger and more technically proficient as a result of her classes.  - Amanda Whitesell